Our Tech Addiction

As the proliferation of wireless devices continues guidelines still don’t exist to regulate safety standards… tech addiction… smart phones … these conveniences XXX can be used properly or not/

With our monthly service fees, we have paid for the addition of cell towers in our neighborhoods… funded the upgrade to 5G technology.
—–Connect to consumers paying and supporting the rollout with monthly service fees.—–

Intro to EMFs / The Electromagnetic Spectrum

basic explanation of the spectrum – ionizing vs. non-ionizing, etc.

Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.  

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These findings justify our appeal to the United Nations (UN) and, all member States in the world, to encourage the World Health Organization (WHO) to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, encouraging precautionary measures, and educating the public about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development.  By not taking action, the WHO is failing to fulfill its role as the preeminent international public health agency.

  • Government documents as far back as the 70s have shown low level frequencies of even .03 GHz have adverse biological health effects on animals and humans including chromosome damage, gene mutations, immune system damage, tumor formation, cardiovascular effects, blood changes, central nervous disturbance, BEHAVIORAL effects, loss of eye sight and eye sensitivity, cataracts, auditory effects including tinnitus, serious organ damage and even showed that it messes with our natural human resonance frequency affecting our needed energy absorption from Earth.
  • Current frequency on wireless devices is typically 2.4 GHz and Verizon CEO back in 2018 announced that the distance of small cell towers could be over 2,000 feet to work accurately instead of… Why? 28 & 39 GHZ.

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  • Wanted more info about new 5G rollout in my city… where? How many? When will they be turned on? Nothing. The only safety done on previous and new cell tower are structural and power related. None of the existing cell towers have been tested for biological safety and we see these towers right near homes, schools, playgrounds and elderly care centers. There aren’t any regulations in place as far as distance from homes, etc.

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  • Many cities are suing the FCC for limiting their power
  • Recent Cases:
    • In Mill Valley, CA, residents passed a resolution to exclude residential neighborhoods.
    • In Danville, The Danville Citizens for Responsible Growth (DCRG), appealed the Town’s decision to allow Verizon to begin its site-by-site plan to develop a 5G network surrounding the town.
    • In DC passed a resolution Opposing small Cell Wireless and 5G Technology Without Studies Confirming Safety
    • A fifth child was diagnosed with cancer that went to Weston Elementary in Ripon, CA where a cell tower was placed on school grounds. Three teachers there were also diagnosed with cancer.
    • Firefighters in California counties from San Francisco to Sacramento to Los Angeles, have reported severe neurological damage, headaches, insomnia, memory problems and confusion after 5G towers were installed outside their stations. When tested, they were found to have brain abnormalities and measurable neurological deficits and firefighters have now filed to be exempt from the California law that would enforce the installment of 5G towers near their places of work
    • Back in 2004, The International Association of Fire Fighters opposes the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and/or antennas for the conduction of cell phone transmissions until a study with the highest scientific merit and integrity on health effects of exposure to low-intensity RF/MW radiation is conducted and it is proven that such sitings are not hazardous to the health of our members. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/first-5g-rollout-in-ca-causing-brain-damage-to-firefighters/
  • Long process: towers going up fast, but as we been taught, we come to the city to support, because the city is supposed to be our voice, and we do not consent to new technology that has not been proven to be safe for humans, animals or our environment.

5G is? Next generation, Internet of Things, Smart Grid including autonomous vehicles… sold as city progress, etc.

The Promise of 5th Generation Wireless

Just as the first properly-funded (epidimiological) studies are beginning to appear demonstrating a clear link between wireless radiation and harmful biological effects, the telecom industry and /governments/ are doubling down on … exposing us to exponential more … radiation on a daily basis and … inside XXX including rural communities. …This poses a clear risk to public health safety … XXX must be stopped.

5G is intended to be the technology that allows the Internet of Things (IOT), which seeks to tie all internet connected devices together with the final goal of connecting human minds. 5G uses high-frequency gigahertz microwave signals that support faster data transmission speeds but don’t travel as efficiently as current wireless frequencies. So instead of relying on large cellphone towers spread far apart, they require so-called “small cell” sites that are much closer together and which will be installed at far higher densities throughout our communities on buildings, trees and  telephone and light poles, in nearly all cases very close to our homes and workplaces.
Distance is your friend.

3G and 4G wireless technologies use between a 1 to 4 gigahertz frequency. 5G uses between 24 to 90 gigahertz. This means up to 90 billion electromagnetic waves hit the cells of the human body per second.

NOTE: 5G is not the same as 5GHz. 5G stands for 5th Generation technology and will use different frequencies as mentioned above. However, some existing wifi routers will indicate they use 5G – this is in fact 5GHz and NOT 5G. 5GHz is one of two frequency signals (as well as 2.4GHz) used in most modern wireless wifi routers/modems. As far as we are concerned, whether it is 5G or not, all wifi and wireless frequencies are biologically damaging. It is important to reduce your exposure to wireless microwave radiation, so disable one or both frequencies 2.4GHz and 5GHz on your router and computer and turn router and devices off at night. Best practice is hardwire your internet connection with an Ethernet cable . 5g-mobile-network-is-different-from-5ghz-wifi/

Once fully operational, 5G towers would unleash DNA-damaging levels of radiation on schools, parks, hospitals and residential areas. Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming.

What 5G is not:
Coverage– 5G is unlikely to provide any more overall cellphone coverage  in Marin communities than existing 3G/4G because it won’t be worthwhile economically for the telecom industry to cover every canyon, or low density areas containing few homes.
Speed- Experts believe that 5G may achieve speeds that are up to 10 times that of 4G in real world settings.  Fiber optic technology, on the other hand, can achieve rates that are over 100x faster than 4G.
Fire safety- Adding new equipment to already overloaded poles will increase risk of fire.
Emergency Communications-  5G will not provide increased emergency communications for fire because  5G equipment is just as susceptible to fire damage as other existing communications infrastructure, including copper wire used for conventional phone service.  
Proximity- 5G antennas, more than prior technologies, require line of sight to operate effectively. Despite antennas having a potential range of 3,000 feet for gigabit speeds, higher frequency wavelengths used with 5G will require many times more antennas throughout our communities compared with 4G and prior technologies because shorter wavelength 5G signals do not bend around obstruction as do longer wavelength signals found with 4G.
Internet of Things (IOT): 5G is not necessary for IOT. IOT can be implemented in our homes using conventional home wireless modem/router equipment that most of us currently already possess.
Wi-Fi router: Some have confused the “5GHz” on their home portable phones  or wireless routers with 5G technology.  5G refers to the fifth generation of wireless technology, not to the frequency of the signal, which is what 5GHz refers to. 


Wired vs. Wireless: more expensive but less risks

In order to maintain X, the public debate is … misinformation. One of the X is that because X is “non-ionizing”, that only “ionizing” radiation is harmful, and that there is no harmful effects …
-(What they claim about non-ionizing vs. ionizing.)
even recent ionizing studies show we are exposed to saturation way above current federal limits

electrosensitive persons (explain)

‘facing a global health catastrophe’
–we constantly hear about how political leaders need to be ‘held accountable’ for this environmental issue or that, and if we were talking about building a nuclear plant we would definitely be discussing concerns about radiation.–


Key Theme: No challenging of health effects is allowable at both the Federal and State levels.
1996 Telecommunications act… long premeditated plan
2017 – State of Florida bill
2020 – ?

  • We know we have limitations due to the power Telecom now has being more powerful than even the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Telecommunications Act of 1996 – health
    • The FCC regulates telecommunications with zero health experts on staff. They’ve stripped local cities of their power to regulate telecom and pre-emption is expected. On March 2018, the FCC eliminated environmental and historical review for siting certain cell towers and other wireless facilities FCC Order 18-30: Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment, Second Report and Order
    • Senate Bill 596 by Senator Travis Hutson | House Bill 687 by Representative Mike LaRosa also speeding things up

Captured Agency

FCC captured agency. Health due to EMFs are not insurable… Swiss Re (insure)

–Cost-saving measures and powerful lobbying influence can’t be allowed to override these agencies and regulators responsibilities to protect public health.–

Military Weapon

By the way, did you know that 5G Will Use the Same Frequencies as Pain-Inflicting Military Weapons?.  How is it that the authorities neglect to mention these factoids in any of their promotional material?
It is the space environment, which will be impacted considerably by so many specially-equipped 5G satellites, that we also should be concerned about.  After all, whatever is sent up there today will crash down to Earth sometime ‘tomorrow’, especially the nuclear-powered satellites. See Planetary Emergency: 5G Overwhelm From Space
This crowd control system is a directed energy weapon designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd dispersal/control.

The frequencies … 5G capable … were originally developed as military… directed energy weapons…..grade weapons, and several of … their X have come forward in order to warn the public about the potential dangers. (as expert witnesses).
-Origins as military weapon – Reference Barry Trower/Mark Steele
Reference 1970s studies

Environmental Impacts

Bee colony collapse disorder relative to environmental impacts as well as tree trimming.

5G rollout, surveillance, smart cities encroachment of liberties (current situation)… liberties come from privacy.

d. 5G will cause millions of trees to be cut down or severely pruned,

Smart Cities

The overall vision of ‘Smart Cities’ as surveillance grid. Building spyware into our hardware (how messed up that is)

Rate limits, esp. in US

5G Space Appeal – Legitimized by X number of scientists (Appeal to Ethos)


5G also serves as the foundation of the smart grid, the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a network that connects smart devices such as phones, home appliances and smart meters, baby monitors, cars and any other devices that can connect to the Internet via built-in sensors. This means that not only will we send our private data straight to the utility companies, but they can also send data and/or frequencies to our devices at any time. To do this, each tower shoots a short-wave high concentrated laser beam to every device. These new capabilities pave the way for higher levels of privacy invasion and consumer surveillance.

Theme: The implications for governance

Larger picture: expediting long-existing agendas into technocratic Orwellian state.

Few politicians are willing to take this on.

the science of these fields .. 26,000 studies … recently 2018 …
we have several examples of prominent (academic) scientists and researchers … who have had their work … minimized or … had their funding cut…

Some of these studies are inconclusive … and there … remains heated debate over whether rat studies are applicable for human health — (despite the logic that previous carcinogens in humans are also carcinogenic in rats. Dr. Melnick quote 22:06)

But (at the very least) that does not mean that we should allow ourselves to be guinea pigs … and exposed to enormously … exponentially … unprecedented frequencies … in intensity and duration … without … testing.

5G rollout – surveillance – smart cities – encroachment on liberties – liberties come from privacy*

Concluding Statement: We have to halt this until it is proven safe; we can’t wait until everybody is sick.

Conclusion: 5G is dangerous to humanity.  5G poses multiple perils to the biosphere.  5G is the most dangerous technology ever approved for widespread use in the United States.

Its implementation has been forced on communities everywhere without the public being properly informed.  The way it’s being foisted on larger cities around the country is both alarming and highly suspect.

When 5G is completely operational throughout the United States, the access to all personal data and device usage info will be complete.  Not only that, but any individual’s life can be put into lockdown with the push of a button.

PC Magazine firing of John Dvorak(!): When the … author of 30 years wrote an article critical of 5G, he was quickly fired and his article was replaced with one promoting positive … benefits of 5G.

-Point out that the speed advantages aren’t intended to be noticed by humans- it’s for machine-language But 5G has been created with machines’ needs in mind
-(Why are they advertising the “benefits” related to videoconferencing and remote-working?)

5G is not needed.

Property Values Reductions from Cell Tower Installations
An overwhelming 94 percent of home buyers and renters surveyed by the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy (NISLAPP) say they are less interested and would pay less for a property located near a cell tower or antenna. Of the 1,000 survey respondents, 79 percent said that under no circumstances would they ever purchase or rent a property within a few blocks of a cell tower or antennas, and almost 90 percent said they were concerned about the increasing number of cell towers and antennas in their residential neighborhood.

Precautionary Principle
The “Precautionary Principle” is a well-known internationally accepted principle that is talked about a LOT but rarely, if ever, put into practice by government.  If there is one high-minded ethic that is given more lip service than any other, it’s the universally shunned “Precautionary Principle”.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to hold their feet to the fire.  Elected representatives and government officials, corporate CEOs and utility boards all need to be held to account where it concerns the necessary due diligence on 5G before a local roll-out.  In a normal world, approaching 5G technology with great caution would be the only way to proceed.
There are several countries where this is happening, so their strategies and tactics can be easily duplicated anywhere in the 50 states.  As follows:
Meanwhile, leaders from around the world take the harmful effects much more seriously such as “Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Russia and China have set RF exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than the USA. They recognize that there can be non-thermal biological effects from wireless radiation.” Ultimately, these nations are assuming The Precautionary Principle that states “if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public, or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus (that the action or policy is not harmful), the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking that action.”
(Source: The 5G Network: What You Don’t Know May Kill You)
Cleary it’s time to enforce the “Precautionary Principle” wherever 5G roll-outs are planned.

“Wireless Cell Antennas Galore”
Does every state and city in America really want to become the site of so many newfangled cell phone and microwave towers necessary for 5G-ready networks?  People have no idea how much intrusion these towers will be in their neighborhoods.
Millimeter waves (MMWs) do not travel well through buildings and they tend to be absorbed by rain and plants. This interferes with the signal. Added to this, high frequency waves like MMWs also have much shorter wavelengths that can’t travel far.
To counter this problem 5G will utilize smaller cell stations (and the technology of beamforming) that’ll scramble/unscramble and redirect packets of data on a no-interference path back to us. This could mean wireless antennas on every lamp post, utility pole, home and business throughout entire neighborhoods, towns and cities.
(Source: 5G Radiation: Medical Dangers and Health Risks Cannot Be Overstated)
Really, does each and every community in America want to be overrun by these exceptionally dangerous transmission towers?  Like one on every lamp post!  Where, pray tell, will the children play—next to the local nuclear waste dump?
The Dark Side
Yes, there is undoubtedly a very dark side to this conspicuously untested and premature roll-out of 5G.  That’s because there are various hidden agendas behind what is also an extremely powerful surveillance and mind-control and psychotronic weapon technology.  And, the FCC is the primary mover and shaker behind the implementation of this nefarious agenda.

Gestapo In The USA: FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout (video)

Let’s face it: governments around the world have never faced so much visceral anger from their citizenries.  The protest movements have been growing quickly in numbers and intensity worldwide.  The power elite and political establishment in each nation know that they are the ultimate target of We the People, as they should be.  Therefore, they are taking great measures to suppress dissent however they can. 5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves As Pentagon Crowd Control System
Just how effectively 5G can be used as a conduit for disseminating different types of advanced weaponry remains to be seen.  However, there’s no question that 5G is being prominently configured in the U.S. military arsenal in order to guarantee the full-spectrum dominance across the planet which the Pentagon is presently pursuing. See: EARTHQUAKE, EMP, 5G ATTACK PLANS (Video)