Health Effects

Is a Digital World What We Want to Leave Behind For Our Children?

Knock knock! How did we reach the day when we hand our children wireless devices to play with without considering the consequences?

As mainstream media has kept us all distracted since this plandemic started, 5G towers continue being built; Wi-Fi continues being upgraded in schools & workplaces; and new laws are being written that push long-existing genocidal agendas.

Hello?! Knock knock!

Cell phones & tablets are not toys. Neither mobile phones or Wi-Fi have been proven to be safe for children to use for extended periods of time, day after day. Children’s developing bodies are more susceptible to health effects from wireless radiation. Yet, tablets are part of public school curriculums in Wi-Fi saturated schools.

The usage of wireless technology continues increasing as society moves towards a more digital world. Radical changes are being made to school policy including more screen time, keeping children away from each other, and forcing them to wear masks.

How are parents controlling how children evolve? Are parents living up to their responsibilities by challenging unethical treatment of their children? Parent or not, are we STANDING UP for THEM?! Are we watching our own cell phone and wireless technology behavior? Let’s remember what kind of example we are setting for our children.

Knock knock!

The psyops are not going to stop coming. Do not let them further divide or distract us from our mission. Now that many of us have lost our livelihoods, have we stopped to think about why we’re here? What our purpose is and how we are shaping the future? What we can all agree on?

Our mission has always been and always will be about the CHILDREN. They are under attack and it’s up to us to keep them safe. Accept it. Take off the blinders. We cannot ignore that children need our protection from silent weapons during these quiet, yet very REAL wars.

We must speak up at our children’s schools demanding safer WIRED technology and teach our kids the joys of nature while living more grounded lives ourselves to show them the right way.

While this is a global issue, a local approach is the best strategy. There are about three million residents in Miami-Dade county. There’s no denying that Miami is the heart of Florida. The main battle starts here. With so many people, it should be an easy one to win. It should be easy to gather a few hundred people in front of the school board or city/county commission demanding our children be treated with care.


Speak NOW or NEVER know your peace.