Take Action

1.) The first stage of this advocacy project is to warn our family and friends of the threats posed by 5G.

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2.) Second, we find ways to limit our exposure to EMFs in our homes, workplaces, public spaces and the environments we spend the majority of our time including our children’s schools.

Reduce your daily EMF exposure with these immediate direct actions:

  • Keep cell phones off of your skin (check user manual for specific warnings)
  • Keep phone in airplane mode or off as much as possible especially at bedtime
  • Disconnect internet router when not in use
  • Replace Wi-Fi and wireless technology with Ethernet cables
  • Use wired headphones in place of wireless Bluetooth headphones
  • Purchase an RF meter to measure radiation levels

3.) We then speak to our neighbors and educate and empower members of our community in order to begin organizing locally. Communities are fighting back against telecom and FCC abuses of local control in several ways. A collective of community members should actively work together on city actions. We need to determine exposure levels in our current environments and set new wireless technology safety standards that prioritize consumer health over industry profit. New regulations should be proposed to require the testing of new technologies to determine proper safety standards and applicable warning labels.

The financial power of the telecommunications industry allows it to make major political campaign contributions and continuously switch between roles as telecommunications top executives and Federal Communications Commission members controlling industry regulation in their favor. In fact, many of the standards still in use are based on outdated regulations first passed in the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

This placed more local restrictions on telecommunications regulation including cell tower deployment. Despite pre-emption challenges, 5G’s aggressive cell tower installations need to be stopped through a variety of strategies including local ordinances and resolutions.

In order to urge our elected officials to take action, to begin the process, we encourage you to connect with your schools, condo and homeowners associations and local city, county and state representatives.

Conversations should include mention of new May 1, 2020 5G health study along with other studies in support of the request to prevent further 5G rollout in your area. Also consider mentioning the potential for declining property values due to proximity to cell towers and infrastructure aesthetics in your strategy considering existing health pre-emptions.

Instructions to Challenge 5G in Your City

Your local, state and federal elected officials have taken an oath to uphold the US and State Constitutions and in doing so to protect the health, well-being and privacy of the community.