Is a Digital World What We Want to Leave Behind For Our Children?

Knock knock! How did we reach the day when we hand our children wireless devices to play with without considering the consequences?

As mainstream media has kept us all distracted since this plandemic started, 5G towers continue being built; Wi-Fi continues being upgraded in schools & workplaces; and new laws are being written that push long-existing genocidal agendas.

Hello?! Knock knock!

Cell phones & tablets are not toys. Neither mobile phones or Wi-Fi have been proven to be safe for children to use for extended periods of time, day after day. Children’s developing bodies are more susceptible to health effects from wireless radiation. Yet, tablets are part of public school curriculums in Wi-Fi saturated schools.

The usage of wireless technology continues increasing as society moves towards a more digital world. Radical changes are being made to school policy including more screen time, keeping children away from each other, and forcing them to wear masks.

How are parents controlling how children evolve? Are parents living up to their responsibilities by challenging unethical treatment of their children? Parent or not, are we STANDING UP for THEM?! Are we watching our own cell phone and wireless technology behavior? Let’s remember what kind of example we are setting for our children.

Knock knock!

The psyops are not going to stop coming. Do not let them further divide or distract us from our mission. Now that many of us have lost our livelihoods, have we stopped to think about why we’re here? What our purpose is and how we are shaping the future? What we can all agree on?

Our mission has always been and always will be about the CHILDREN. They are under attack and it’s up to us to keep them safe. Accept it. Take off the blinders. We cannot ignore that children need our protection from silent weapons during these quiet, yet very REAL wars.

We must speak up at our children’s schools demanding safer WIRED technology and teach our kids the joys of nature while living more grounded lives ourselves to show them the right way.

While this is a global issue, a local approach is the best strategy. There are about three million residents in Miami-Dade county. There’s no denying that Miami is the heart of Florida. The main battle starts here. With so many people, it should be an easy one to win. It should be easy to gather a few hundred people in front of the school board or city/county commission demanding our children be treated with care.


Speak NOW or NEVER know your peace.

Downtown Miami: Now 5G Ready

Downtown Miami: Now 5G Ready

Downtown Miami is 5G ready.
5G is one of the main ingredients in the toxic cocktail served during the New World Order when the people are manipulated & controlled more than ever.
It’s way more than a possible health concern.
5G is the same millimeter wave technology used by the military for weapons such as Voice-to-Skull-Technology & Active Denial System used for crowd control.
It’s the foundation of the Internet of Things, the world-wide smart grid, that will connect all of our “smart” devices allowing our every move to be traced, tracked & targeted.
The smart grid includes plans to connect human brains to further manipulate & control our behavior. This will lead to a merging of humans & robotic technology where artificial intelligence highjacks the human spirit & trans-humanism becomes the new normal.
Autonomous vehicles (driverless cars, trucks & planes) are a big part of this plan to replace people with machines. We need 5G towers everywhere for these vehicles to function.
The cabal’s programming has already made us wireless technology junkies. What’s the longest you’ve been clean? Clean being zero use of wireless technology including cellphones, Bluetooth & WiFi? I know. I know. I heard you shrug from here. How could we possibly live without our wireless toys?
Easy. We choose humanity & love over convenience & entertainment. If we did this all together, the world would transform over-night.
That’s the REAL solution that no one wants to hear. And we’ll never stop saying it. That’s how non-violent revolution could take place. Our cell phones are the biggest weapons currently being used against us & every time we pass one of these towers, we are more susceptible to ominous attack.
Yes, we can challenge our government officials to stop putting up more cell phone towers, & reducing our daily exposure to wireless technology will help us be healthier. Putting our cellphones in airplane mode as often as possible & turning off our Internet routers at bedtime majorly helps.

But, these towers are here thanks to our monthly cell phone service payments. And government officials are controlled by their campaign funders (including cell phone carrier money).
Seeing how government has handled COVID-19 should make us realize more than ever, that they are mere order-followers like most of us.
What can we do? Many, many things. One of the first steps needs to be to take back our infinite power.
Let’s remind government officials of the oath they took to protect the public – remind them they should be following OUR ORDERS! WE ARE MORE in numbers than their masters & therefore a bigger threat. We say, we don’t need 5G! We need you to act MORALLY – and put people over politics – people over money. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Action packets in the works! Stay tuned to our website & sign-up for our newsletter to stay informed.

Stop5GFlorida | A Public Service Announcement About Wireless Radiation Dangers


The rollout of the next generation cellular technology, 5G, is well under way in South Florida and throughout the state.. And the rest of the world.

An astounding amount of new cell towers are being installed anywhere from playgrounds, parks and schools to shopping centers, farms, residential neighborhoods and public areas.

Public consent was never considered and safety to humans, animals and plant-life has not been proven. Despite widespread denial, the evidence that existing radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already abundant.

Over 230 scientists worldwide have accumulated clinical evidence of to harmful exposure to EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) generated by electric and wireless devices before the additional 5G roll out. Hidden government documents have proven low levels of microwave radiation at extremely lower levels than 5G are hazardous. What will more cell towers on every corner – in addition to existing infrastructure – mean to the people surrounded by them?

Millimeter waves, the same technology as 5G, have been used as military grade weapons for many years for things such as crowd control and mind manipulation including voice to skull technology. These capabilities will be in place to be tapped into at any time.

We should not have to ask for safety within our own environment. If we say nothing, we say we agree.

Our goal is to educate our communities and encourage our elected officials and local activists to take action. We are stronger together. This is a time sensitive matter that needs everyone’s attention immediately. It’s our responsibility to protect our families, wildlife, pets and the environment we are creating for our children.

In the meantime, be mindful of your surroundings containing EMFs. Stay as healthy as possible (EAT RIGHT, detox, GROUND YOURSELF in nature, unplug, shield yourself, exercise & meditate) keeping your immune system strong to live within an electromagnetic polluted environment. It is our moral obligation to protect our families.

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Special Thank You to Stephen Caputo and Durty Mics Studio
Video Shot and Edited by Steve Grant
Beat by Lezter

iPhone EMF Readings

iPhone EMF Readings

Instead of increasing the distance between people, we should be increasing the distance between our bodies & wireless devices including cell phones, tablets & laptops. Did you know it’s more dangerous to hold a cell phone on your head than to go out in public without a mask on your face?

Every wireless device is a two-way microwave radio that sends & receives non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency radiation (RF). In 2011, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer first classified cell phone & wireless radiation as a “class 2B possible human carcinogen,” as a result of research studies showing that long-term cell phone users had higher rates of brain cancer on the side of the head where they held the phone.

The US National Toxicology Program completed a $30M study finding “clear evidence” of cancer in male rats exposed to long-term low-level RF radiation. Many scientists have published that there is enough evidence to conclude that not only is wireless radiation a “POSSIBLE” carcinogen; it should receive a higher classification, because it most likely IS a human carcinogen.
A powered on cell phone is always checking in & maintaining a connection to the nearest cell tower by sending bursts of radiation several times per second. These check-ins are radiation emissions happening several times per second, whether or not a connection is successfully established.

The Building Biology radio frequency guidelines for sleeping areas indicate that readings above 1,000 microWatts per square meter are of “extreme concern.” This iPhone 7+ peaked above 2 million.

I’m taking general RF level readings with this RF detector capable of picking up frequencies as strong as 12 GHz. 5G’s frequency’s will range between 24 & 90 GHz. There is currently no meter on the market that reads 5G millimeter wave frequencies.

5G is rolling out on our streets at the moment, because we’ve given telecom financial power to have full control. Can we have a real revolution while continuing to pay them monthly dues? What are we truly paying for?

Global 5G Protest in Orlando

Global 5G Protest in Orlando

“Big wireless is the new big tobacco. Are we going to blindly accept this industry-funded science?”

Revolutionizing Orlando. We.Are.Change.Orlando.

Thank you for over 7 years of dedication to empower and protect Florida residents and visitors. @jharveywrc

Global 5G Protest. April 25, 2020.