Fort Lauderdale Beach: Now 5G Ready

Fort Lauderdale Beach: Now 5G Ready

This is an example of a 5G-ready Florida coast street: A1A in Ft. Lauderdale Beach: a classic tourist spot & locals’ beach. Will millimeter wave frequencies’ positive ions void out the health benefits of the shore’s negative ions?
The exact current frequency strength of these 5G small cell towers is unknown, but they’re likely under 5 GHz with the capability of emitting 100 GHz frequencies in the near future. These higher millimeter wave frequencies are stronger than any other radio frequency we’ve ever been exposed to in the past. LONG-TERM exposure has not been proven to be safe!

Telecom companies paying Ft. Lauderdale Beach tower rental fees transmit data on specific purchased frequencies. The only way to know for sure which specific frequencies are being emitted from any given cell tower would require a resident of that city to pull the individual tower building permit at city offices. This is public information that when asked for – residents have a right to access.

Have you checked into what your city officials are up to lately? Have you noticed how many cell towers have gone up in your neighborhood within the past three years? Last year? Last six months? Since the “Stay-At-Home” orders?

While most of us are less occupied with money chasing during the 2020 global financial collapse, let’s invest our time into becoming more conscious of our environment & becoming more active in improving the future of our neighborhoods and communities.

Let’s break our cell phone addictions & learn to be neighbors again, talk to each other more & play in the sun more. Humans – like all animals – were meant to be in nature in tribes. We thrive in groups with strong social connections & close, affectionate personal relationships.

Let’s prevent further division among us as our UNITY is being attacked. Let’s create more bonds & recognize that we must band together to gain strength & stand a chance to progress into safer environments & a more loving society for our children.

5G Small Cell Tower RF Reading in Hallandale Beach, FL

5G Small Cell Tower RF Reading in Hallandale Beach, FL

Our urban areas are saturated with pollutants. Those pollutants include an abundance of radiation from wireless technology. The more wireless toys we have, the more radiation pollution we are bathing in. As more cell towers go up in our neighborhoods, so does the saturation of wireless radiation pollution on our streets.
Cell towers connect to our cell phones. As we ride around in our cars, we connect to the cell towers along our path. Not only are we exposing ourselves to EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation from our cars, but also from our phones and the cell towers surrounding us.

We humans – are electrical beings. Our bodies function using electrical frequencies. Outside electrical frequencies – including radio frequencies – interfere with natural cell activity.

The Building Biology radio frequency guidelines for sleeping areas indicate that readings above 1,000 microWatts per square meter are of “extreme concern.” This tower peaked above 24,000.

Before approaching the tower, notice the MUCH LOWER RF (radio frequency) reading in my running car that’s low EMF considering I don’t have Bluetooth or wifi and my phone was also in airplane mode at that moment. AND – I recorded this on a separate camera.

And PS, if you’re interested in getting an EMF/ RF meter, this particular model is currently out of stock, but another model is available for $149: the Safe and Sound RF Detector. Visit and use STOP5GFL as a referral code at checkout for a 5% discount.

The 5G & Covid-19 Connection

The 5G & Covid-19 Connection

WE are on the same squad. Together, we are more powerful than any other entities in the world. Let’s share knowledge and information that helps us grow together. With love and respect for each other, we will figure this out.
In case you forgot, neither government nor conventional news outlets can be trusted. They are both controlled by the same evil cabal. It’s up to us to demand our human rights be respected. We must not submit to tyrannical order.

Be healthy in body, mind and spirit. Be strong. Be LOVE.

13 Year Old Delivers Speech on Cell Phone Radiation at US Supreme Court

It’s up to adults to DO THE RIGHT THING NOW for the sake of children and young people… NOW.

We have a right to know. We need educational programs on the safest ways to use technology and the effects of electric and magnetic fields as well as radio frequencies from cell phones, tablets and all toys and devices that connect to WiFi or cell towers.

The first generation of humans that have been exposed to WiFi their entire lives – since conception – are now becoming adults and wireless radiation saturation keeps increasing. What will the outcome be? We shall see.

It’s up to adults to take action for the sake of children and young people… NOW.

See full video on the Environmental Health Trust YouTube channel: “13 Year Old Delivers Speech on Cell Phone Radiation at US Supreme Court

Sneak Preview of Our Exclusive Interview with Environmental Health Trust Executive Director Thea Scarato

We recently sat down with Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust (@ehtrust) to talk best local action and popular questions. We edited down a 1.5 hour + conversation to a valuable 10-minute exclusive video for event attendees only.

We are SOOOO grateful for Thea! She has been a major supporter, motivator and resource for us this past year.

Scarato has been raising EMF awareness for over 10 years. She maintains the comprehensive EHT database on international policy that documents the 20+ nations that have protective policies in place to reduce public exposure to cell phone and wireless radiation.

Locally in Maryland, Scarato has long worked on children’s environmental health issues in the schools and was instrumental in the Prince George’s County School System move to address lead contamination in the schools drinking water. She raised the wireless and health issue to the the Maryland State Advisory Council on Children’s Environmental Health Protection which moved to issue first ever state advisory recommendations to the Department of Education to reduce radiofrequency exposures in the school setting.

Miami, don’t miss out on this community educational event, so we can work together on local solutions. See you tomorrow night!

Children Sick After 4G/5G Small Cell Installation Sacramento City Council Meeting

People are getting sick from living, working and/or going to school near cell towers. The 5G future includes cell towers every 300 feet or so PLUS antennas in as many products as possible. Regardless of the frequency strength, the MAJOR INCREASE in radiation saturation alone – majorly interferes with our cells’ abilities to work their best and keep us healthy. Our cells communicate via electrical frequencies. To say that outside, man-made frequencies would not affect human health wouldn’t make any sense.

If we say nothing as this invasive 5G network infrastructure hits our neighborhood streets – if we do nothing in the REAL WORLD – then, we’re saying we agree to whatever consequences come along with it.

We must speak up for the children of this world. It’s our responsibility.

Video clipped from “Children Sick After 4G/5G Small Cell Installation Sacramento City Council Meeting” on the @ehtrust YouTube channel.

Internet of Things Promises an Intrusive Surveillance World of “Smart Devices”

Internet of Things Promises an Intrusive Surveillance World of “Smart Devices”

Cell phones, Bluetooth headphones, Apple watches, Fitbits, tablets, lap tops, baby monitors and all wireless internet devices emit microwaves which are also EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). As we add more “smart” devices to our lives, we further saturate ourselves in radiation and further expose ourselves to EMFs.
The 5G rollout not only includes more cell towers every 300 feet or so and powerful new cell phones in consumer pockets, but also the beginning of the Internet of Things (IoT), a world-wide wireless network connecting all of our wireless internet devices. The plan is to install 5G antennas in as many products as possible including smart appliances such as refrigerators, stoves and dryers; children’s wireless toys and games; baby diapers; new 5G Wi-Fi routers in homes & offices, etc. All of these devices will work in collaboration with smart meters, new 5G small cell towers and existing 4G infrastructure and technology.

Not only will we be exposed to higher levels of EMFs than ever before, but we’ll be connected to a real-time wireless network 24 hours a day. We’ll constantly be sending and receiving information adding to a database where all of our private data is collected and shared – increasing risks of hacking and leaving open lines of surveillance at all times. What other possibilities exist with the usage of new frequency bands, millimeter waves never before released on the public?

Video clipped from, “Health and Environmental Effects of 5G: Educational Webinar,” a video by Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust. Watch full video for TONS of valuable information!

5G Network Installation Well Under Way at Miami Dolphins Stadium

Miami-Dade residents, do you comply to additional cell towers every 300 feet or so? Do you comply to high saturation of millimeter wave technology (aka military technology used for mind & crowd control) that has NOT been proven to be safe with long-term exposure? Do you agree to be tested on like lab rats? Are you willing to speak up and hold your elected officials liable? They took an oath to protect the constitution which includes our basic human rights to a safe environment. Are you willing to call them out? If so – DM us today. If not, you are complying to any effects that are results of the deployment of 5G.

5G network installation is well under way at the Miami Dolphins stadium where Verizon aims to launch by the Super Bowl in about four months. Who’s ready to tailgate in these parking lots?!

Of course 4G antennas and wireless technology already have a large presence at this and every other football stadium. Can you imagine a sports world without it? Soon, every player’s helmet will have a camera and we’ll be able to view on-field play in real-time. Does anyone care about raising the players’ risk of getting brain cancer from RF radiation?! Do they themselves even know about high EMF exposure health risks – are their FAT paychecks worth the consequences?

Sports and wireless technology go hand-in-hand. One feeds the other. Once 5G rolls out, we’ll likely be MORE complacent, passive, foggy and unmotivated. The time to speak up is NOW! Are you willing to do the right thing? DM us now if so.

Shoddy New 5G Infrastructure Disfigures Miami Neighborhoods

5G Miami Style… the next generation of wireless technology with chords hanging everywhere crucifying our trees. It’s ok though. Just watch your step, because we’ll be ready to launch by Super Bowl.

What does 5G look like in your Florida neighborhood? Tag us in your pictures and we’ll repost them.